Meet the Team

We are passionate about learning, so we got together and constructed a team of top-level professionals who combine expertise in instructional design, learning development, user experience, and visual design to create extraordinary online learning solutions. We excel at collaborating with stakeholders and subject matter experts to capture their vision and bring instruction to life. We empower you to meet your learning development needs through engaging and innovative training, and we empower your learners by giving them the knowledge they need to perform at their best.

In a nutshell, we are great at what we do, and our clients agree.

Leadership Team

Julie - Founder and CEO

Julie Almeida

Founder – Instructional Strategy and Design

Julie is a life-long storyteller and persistent learner. Her passion is combining content with aesthetics to share knowledge. Throughout her career, she has developed hundreds of hours in training for both corporate and higher-ed organizations. Her experience ranges from brick-and-mortar classrooms to online learning. As the founder of Third Power Training, Julie leads by example. Through her extensive expertise in adult learning theories and online education technology, she mentors and drives the team to build unique learning solutions. Her love for reading, science (real and fiction), coffee, the ocean, and contemplative coloring, fuel her inspiration and creativity on the job.

Emily - Founding Partner and COO

Emily Schroeder

Founding Partner – Learning Experience Design and Technology

Emily is a creative soul, design enthusiast, and technology zealot. Her career started in user interface design and software implementation and evolved to include producing and executing training to a wide audience both virtually and in person. Emily uses her unique mix of talents to inspire our training design and development team to create top-notch learning solutions. She also makes sure that we are innovative, and apply the latest and greatest educational technology. Apart from work, you can find Emily binging the latest series on Disney+, whipping up something sweet in the kitchen, or spending quality time with her husband and their two young chimps–uh…children.

Peter Karulas

Founding Partner – Learning Strategy and Design

Peter has been all around the world (vicariously) through the relationships he’s built by helping Canadian newcomers learn English and integrate into their communities. He has extensive experience working in adult education, beginning as an ESL instructor up until undertaking a role as a regional program manager for skills and language assessment. Peter’s enthusiasm for adult learning and professional development, coupled with his teaching experience, makes him a top-notch learning designer who is eager to empower our clients and their learners. In his free time, Peter enjoys reading about personal growth and development, photography, playing guitar, and being active. Most of all, he loves spending time with family and friends.

Al - Founding Partner

Al Almeida

Founding Partner – Strategy, Compliance, and Finance

Al brings boatloads (pun-intended, he loves sailing) of leadership and client success experience to Third Power Training. He gained this expertise through a progressive career in Engineering and IT Operations. His cool-headedness and strategic thinking skills help Third Power build sustainable and scalable business processes. Al ensures that we grow the company strategically so we can partner with our clients for the long run. Al also acts as our in-house subject matter expert on compliance, cyber-security, policy and governance. In his free time, you will find Al playing guitar, sailing into the sunset, or burning some serious rubber in the GT5 video game.

Stephanie - Founding Partner

Stephanie Karulas

Founding Partner – Projects and Client Services

Stephanie has spent the major part of her career in the learning industry, ranging from managing an ESL school to managing corporate L&D projects. Those experiences give her a unique perspective to guide the team toward efficiency and organization, which keep our projects moving forward to meet our delivery goals. Stephanie has the experience, creativity, and energy to oversee projects large and small, and she’s ready to help her team meet any challenge head-on. When not at her desk improving our processes and managing our projects, you can find Stephanie planning fun parties (you should see what this lady does with balloons!), scrap-booking, or teaming up with her husband to chase after the (several) tiny dictators who run her life.

Project Teams

In keeping with the mastermind concept, we bring a scalable team of talented people to each project. We first analyze your needs then assign team members with skills best suited to make your project a raging success.

Visual Design and
User Experience

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it: Visual design and user experience (UX) improve learner engagement. For this reason, we’ve invested in building an excellent team of UX and design experts. They create modern graphics, multimedia, and interactivity that elevate the learning materials we build.

Learning Design
and Development

Effective training starts with solid instructional design and is delivered through skillful development. So, we have built a superstar team of instructional designers and learning developers who collaborate closely to create enriched learning that sticks.

Project Management
and Quality

Project management and quality assurance (QA) can make or break a project. We pride ourselves on using dedicated project managers and QA specialists in every engagement. As a result, our projects run smoothly, meet requirements, and keep our clients feeling happy and empowered.

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