Learning Solutions

Our learning solutions are based on the idea that training and education should be easy to access; because of that, our focus is on bringing learning online.

Why Work With Us

We are innovative and creative, and we pride ourselves on being experts in both instructional design and development, making us a one-stop-shop for all your training needs. Add in the fact that we also work fast without compromising quality, and you’re golden!

It’s in our nature to work in agile, rapid delivery conditions, which means we can offer our clients solutions for any timeline and budget.

Keep on reading for just a little bit more information on our solutions, and then give us a call. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Who We Serve


We GET corporate training challenges. We know the need to bring pertinent and focused content to adult learners so they can quickly add skills, improve performance, and get their job done. Our experienced IDs effortlessly collaborate with SMEs to design content for real-world applications using scenarios, simulations, game-based, and active interactions. Our visual designers and learning developers bring the content to life by focusing on user experience, interface design, and functionality. Add in our fantastic project management and highly efficient work approach, and you get a winning combination. We would love to show you examples of our work. So go ahead; reach out to us.

Higher Education

We KNOW academic course design and development. When colleges choose us, they get a team that can follow academic standards and requirements, including accessibility, APA/MLA, copyright, publisher resources, contact hours, and pre-approved outlines. Our team also understands higher ed is evolving. So, while we can expertly build traditional courses, our knowledge of adult learners gives us an edge in helping instructors and SMEs create content for micro-credentials, professional development, and continuing education courses. We also offer value through our ability to develop LMS agnostic courses using modern web technologies. If you are looking for exceptional course design and a painless experience, reach out to us to see samples of our work in higher ed.

How We Do It

What We Offer


We use evidence-based instructional design and learner-friendly user interfaces with expert visual and graphic design to build immersive learning modules. We include simulations, animations, game-based, and scenario-based learning to enhance the experience. We also add audio, charts, infographics, and media assets to make training engaging and improve learning outcomes.


We add game-design elements and game principles to the learning content to drive learner engagement. By tapping into their intrinsic motivations, learners are challenged and inspired to achieve their learning goals. We can implement gamification within eLearning, or as a standalone activity in a larger project.


Carefully designed and strategically-placed animations can greatly enhance eLearning. Animated and interactive scenarios help learners connect with the content and understand its relevance. Using animations is a great way to explain difficult concepts or complex processes by enhancing learning through visual and audio cues. Our IDs, LXDs, and animators are experts at creating and using animations strategically to improve learning engagement and outcomes.


Real-life experiences can offer tremendous learning opportunities. That’s why we design simulated scenarios that can equip and empower the learner for real-life situations and challenges. Fully personalized and responsive, simulated scenarios will surely boost the learners’ confidence.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way to teach users how a product solves a problem, how specific features work, and how to access and use a product or app. These short clips can be used as stand-alone training for easy accessibility on mobile devices and to reduce help calls. They can also be inserted as assets into more extensive training. We have the expertise and experience to condense your content into informative and engaging explainer videos.


In a world dominated by social media and smartphones, competition for attention is intense. So we design microlearning with modern user interfaces that focus on the content and grab attention. Learners can access these bite-sized modules on mobile devices and in short pockets of time. However, not all content is made for microlearning. We can help you decide on an approach to learning delivery best suited to your content and learners.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is an exciting member of our training toolbox. It opens doors for your learners to get the information they need in a context that’s meaningful to them. By designing learning with a mobile-first mentality, we create training that is more engaging and gives your learners the power to succeed, no matter where they are.

Digital Transformation

Converting instructor-led training (ILT) to online delivery has benefits like flexibility for the learner, shorter seat times, quick updates, and lower long-term costs. Transforming training for digital delivery requires using evidence-based instructional design and learning development best practices to ensure the learning sticks. We have the expertise to help transform ILT into eLearning. We can also advise on the best strategy to fit your content and learning environment.

Other Training Materials

Are you looking for other digital or printed training materials such as workbooks, facilitator guides, participant guides, playbooks, PowerPoint decks, interactive PDFs, and infographics? We can elevate your content by creating these using instructional design best practices and a modern visual design.

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